Drown by Esther Dalseno

Rating Score: 10/10

Seven emotionless princesses
Three ghostly sirens.
A beautiful, malicious witch haunted by memories.
A handsome, self-mutilating prince.

Belonging to a race that is mostly animal with little humanity, a world obsessed with beauty where morality holds no sway, a little mermaid escapes to the ocean's surface. Discovering music, a magnificent palace of glass and limestone, and a troubled human prince, she is driven by love to consult the elusive sea-witch who secretly dominates the entire species of merfolk. Upon paying an enormous price for her humanity, the little mermaid begins a new life, uncovering secrets of sexuality and the immortal soul. As a deadly virus threatens to contaminate the bloodstreams of the whole merfolk race, the little mermaid must coose between the lives of here people, the man she loves, or herself. 

I am a HUGE sucker for re-tellings, so obviously I loved it <3 

ERRRRRRRRRRRR...I feel like i have so much to say, but nothing wants to come out. okay lets attempt this...I LOVED THIS BOOK! It was my first ever New Adult novel, and I loved it!!!! so yayy! I don't want to spoil anything . . . I put up a review on goodreads and I said that I loved how there are NO names whatsoever. 
There are names, but not like "Ariel" and stuff, but like . . . 
the little mermaid, the prince, the uncle, the mermaid, the maid, the girl, the sea-witch. you see where I'm going. But at first I thought I would end up hating the book because there were no names, but the no names made it better (for some odd reason). 

BUT! I loved how the POV's switched around but they were never really on a specific character . . . this is hard because I feel like I just explained it really well in that sentence but then I feel like I need to explain. 

The POV's were on a character in this case 'the little mermaid' then a few seconds later it was the uncles but it was like you never actually were in their POV but just in the same room as them . . .or ocean. 

Characters- I loved the little mermaid and the uncle that's as far as I will go with them ;) I didn't like the prince . . . just sayin. At first I was like, "oh, her prince eric" then I was all, "That jerk!" then "well, maybe . . ." then. . . "NOPE!". 
yeah, pretty much just like that. 
My favorite character was . . . hmm, the uncle. Besides a few things, but the uncle was nice. and the little mermaids maid, she was my favorite too! 

Setting- Well, I have always loved the little mermaid, so I'm guessing you already know the best part about the setting? if not, it's the OCEAN! I'd say I wish there was more involvement with the ocean but if there were then there wouldn't be any land in the book XD I love the water, I don't like pools but I LOVE ocean's (even though I still have yet to go to one . . . ) 

Plot- LOVED IT! It was sad and happy and . . . words just come to me! so I can write this and not feel so stupid! It was a beautiful twist on the little mermaid story, both the Disney version and the original one by Hans Christian Anderson. I don't want to spoil anything and some people might not care about spoilers . . . but I feel guilty spoiling anything sooooo, the plot was good, and sad. I'll admit it, I cried after I finished it. but some tears were happy tears! 

So I read it in three days, two technically . . . doesn't matter. It was good, and Esther Dalseno did an amazing, perfect, wonderful job! 
I can't wait for Gabriel and the Swallows! 

to know more about Esther Dalseno visit her website, here 

and also, check out the interview I did with her a little while ago! <3  

Happy Reading, LUV's 

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