Sunday, August 30, 2015

Review Policy

Alexis' Review Policy, Luv

Dear Publishers and/or Authors, 

I will be extremely honored to be contacted about novel's you would like me to review! whether they are ARC's, or novels that have been out for a few days, or a year. I do read both E-books and physical copies, physical copies more often. 
I will say this! I am not a professional, at all! But I am a girl who just genuinely loves reading! 
Below will be what genre's I like to read. 
If you need to contact me, you can contact me at, (Only E-mail me with that e-mail if it is about reviewing! thank you!). thanks, Luv. 

Genre that I read: 
Honestly I read everything YA and I know that I will eventually read a little new adult, but right now I'm doing my best to go off of my TBR pile. which is mainly YA. 
but I read all genre's horror, fantasy, dystopia, contemporary, contemporary romance, mystery, etc. 

I will also read self-published books! <3

Genre's I do not read: 
Non-fiction! I'm sorry ,but non-fiction is only when I'm in school and HAVE to read it. It just isn't something that I enjoy much :/ 

Promo Opportunities:
I will host giveaway's and Interviews! And I would also LOVE to be apart of promo-blog-tours! 

That is all! I hope my Review Policy doesn't sound dumb in any way shape or form! 
Have a nice day. 

hugs from 
Alexis, Luv  

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