Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monthly Wrap-up 7-30-2015 (Book Haul-ish)

My first Wrap-Up! how exciting! Well let's just jump into this, so first off, I want to tell all you wonderful book nerds what books I've purchased this month, so this is kind-of a book haul too. Anyways! let's get started.

Purchased in July (In alphabetical order by book title)-

~A Court Of Thorns And Roses By Sarah J. Maas
I've been wanting to read this for so long now! I heard it was a beauty and the beast re-telling but I could be totally wrong, and I love the cover so beautiful and just, engaging! and I have read 'throne of glass' by Sarah J. maas and LOVED it. So to be able to start a different novel by such an amazing person is awesome. (Purchased at Half Price Books)

~Alive By Scott Sigler
When I first saw this book, I'll be honest, I wasn't sure what it was about, or even who the author was. But then, I listened to a little bit of the audio book, and I Loved it! I've only listened to about the first 10 chapters? and I would definitely recommend this novel to people. And Scott Sigler is such an amazing writer/person! so nice. (Purchased on Amazon)

~Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
I have read this novel already, and I actually just bought a second copy. I already own a paperback version and I wanted the hardback, and the jacket is so pretty! Catching fire was my favorite 'The Hunger Games' novel. That is why I have TWO copies *wink wink* (Purchased at Half Price Books)

~Fairest By Marissa Meyer
I have only read Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer and I loved them! and I actually am dying to read this, but I vowed on my life/magic (If you read Splintered by A.G.Howard you'd understand) that I'd read Fairest after I read Cress. So, be watching for cress on my TBR ;P (Purchased on Amazon)  

~Lock And key By Sarah Dessen
I hear tons and tons of good things about the author Sarah Dessen . . . do you know her? good because this book here, I have no idea what it's about. I don't like to read the blurbs on the back or on the inside jacket, because, it sometimes gives away a lot and I liked to be surprised. So I can't wait to read my first ever Sarah Dessen Novel! (Purchased at Half Price Books)

~Outlander by Diana Gabaldon
Honestly I would never even consider reading this, if Sasha Alsberg didn't talk about it so darn much! It's been on my TBR list for a while and I finally own it! (Purchased on Amazon)

~Red Queen By Victoria Aveyard
Seriously, I am still so happy that this beautiful book is now on my shelf. The cover is amazing! Oh my god, the cover. I just love it so much! I can not wait to read this beauty. I've heard so much about this book, and ever since I first heard about it I've been wanting to get my hands on it...not only because the cover, but because everyone says such amazing things about it. So extremely ecstatic to have this on my shelf. (Purchased at Half Price Books)

~The Crimes and Punishments of Miss Payne By Barry Jonsberg
Half price books, was having a dollar sale, and I grabbed this because the cover was . . . interesting. It is a small book, so hopefully I can finish it in one sitting. And hopefully! it is a good book! (Purchases at Half Price Books)

~WitchFall By Victoria Lamb
When I picked this up, I loved the cover. When I got home . . . I found out this was the second in the series, so I'll have to find the first one somewhere. Then I can read this beautiful covered book. So, gotta go looking for the first one! (Purchased at Half Price Books)

Novels I Finished This Month Include:

~TMI: City Of Bones by Cassandra Clare

~Crank by Ellen Hopkins

~If I Stay by Gayle Forman

~The Moth In The Mirror by A. G. Howard

~Throne Of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

~Alive by Scott Sigler

tha's is everything I read and purchased for the month of July! bye *hugs*

Saturday, July 25, 2015


On the 30th of every month I'll be posting to my Monthly Wrap-Up page! so be sure to check it out when it gets posted!

just five more days. I'm working on it now, just so I can post it on time *wink wink*

enjoy your weekend for right now though! and make sure to read some goodies!

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones

You've been warned...

So this post is me just ranting . . . I don't know how to handle all the news I've just taken in. *hyperventilating* 
So I was all like Clary + Jace! now I'm sad...this book just went all star wars on me. I never watched star wars, but I know the character end up being brother and sister . . . and now TMI just star wars'ed me. I don't like it. It hurts. Like I've never had the feels this bad. 
What do I do? I-I can not process all this information.
Okay, I think I'm just going to go finish the book. I want to say that Valentine is just lying . . . but somewhere deep down inside me, I know he's not. And the weirdest thing right now, I feel like this is real.

Goodbye got to go read some more TMI, luv.

Friday, July 17, 2015

LL & A's Monthly Book Tag

Hello! If you didn't know, this post is about Library Luv and mine's Book Tag. Each month we will have a Book Tag (Monthly Book Tag) and each month will be a different theme, like this month is the "Alice Wonderland" theme. 
I have asked the Author of the "Splintered" series (Anita Grace Howard) if she would ask a question for her fans to answer for the Tag! Her question is the bonus question, so feel free to do the tag and answer it! 
Anyone can do this Tag! if you do decide to do this tag, please either send your link of your post to us or tag us on twitter! LL's twitterMy Twitter
Enjoy! and have fun with the tag!

~My Tag~

-A book you fell madly in love with?
Unenchanted & Splintered (Sorry can't just have one) 
-What's the best Alice In Wonderland Character in your opinion? 
MORPHEUS! but if I have to choose from the originals. . . I'd choose. The Cheshire Cat! 
-Two characters from two different books you'd like to have tea with? 
Morpheus and Jared (Splintered & Unenchanted) 
-Favorite Alice In Wonderland Quote
We're All Mad Here!
-Favorite Alice In Wonderland spin-off book?
Splintered . . . DUH! 
-What are six impossible things you think or dream about before breakfast? 
*Being in the selection movie
*meeting Morpheus or Jared/Teague
*Being a fictional character
*Having powers
*going to storybrooke (Once Upon A Time)
*becoming rich so I can buy more books <3
-A book with talking animals
The iron Butterfly A.K.A faraway(Chanda Hahn) 
-A book that made you cry so much it could have made the pool of tears? 
To Be Honest . . . The Fault In Our Stars and The Iron Butterfly
-A character that you like that has the Red Queen's temper? 
-Take one item down the rabbit hole with you, what would it be? 
Splintered series box-set (Counts as one irem then, and it is literally my guide through wonderland!) 
Bonus Question From Anita Grace Howard Herself:
In Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there, what type of animal did the White Queen become in chapter 5? 
that is for you to answer *wink wink* 


@LaLaInTheLibrary did the tag HERE 

@SimplyShelbs16 did the tag HERE

Monday, July 13, 2015

Reviews in Alphabetical order! (By Authors' Last Name)

   Victoria Aveyard: Red Queen

   Leigh Bardugo: Six Of Crows

   Sharon Cameron: Rook

   Cassandra Clare: TMI: City Of Bones

   Esther Dalseno: Drown
Gabriel and the Swallows


   Gale Forman: If I Stay  


   Rosamund Hodge: Cruel Beauty  

   Ellen Hopkins: Crank

   Anita Grace Howard: The Moth In The Mirror




   Elise Kova: Air Awakens
Fire Falling 

   Gabriella Lepore: Secrets In Phoenix 


   Sarah J. Maas: Throne Of Glass 

   Lynne Matson: NIL

   Marissa Meyer: Cinder







Robin Ruel: My Kind Of Crazy

   Gena Showalte: Alice In Zombieland

   Scott Sigler: Alive

   Amanda Sun: Ink

   Sabaa Tahir: An Ember In The Ashes 



   Kacey Vanderkarr: Stepping Stones


   Michael Weekly: Mystical 

Jennifer Wilson: New World: Rising





For the Cramathon, I finished four of the five books, and five of the seven challenges. Here are the books I finished:

  • The Cat In The Hat by Dr suess

  • Orange by Benjamin

  • Crank by Ellen Hopkins

The Challenges I finished during the Cramathon: 
  • Read A Children's Book
  • Read A Hardcover Book
  • Read Two Books In Twenty-Four Hours
  • Read A Graphic Novel
  • Read A Book Written In Verse
  • Read A Novella
  • Read A Total Of Five Books

Friday, July 10, 2015

Contact Me

Hello! If you have any questions about my blog, or would just like to chat with a fellow reader, like myself then feel free to E-mail me and/or follow me on Twitter!

Twitter: @sweetypetitti

thank you and enjoy your day, luv
Don't forget to read! most important part of the day ;)

Monthly Wrap-Up

Here I will have my 'Monthly Wrap-ups' where I will tell you what book I have gotten this month, and what books I have read this month, I have a few idea's to add to the MonthlyWrap-up but for right now, It will just be that! :)
Can't wait to post the first wrap-up at the end of July!


For this page I will obviously be doing "reviews". I will rate the book from 1-10 (1 being the worst, and 10 being the best) and then I will write a description about what I likes and disliked about the novel.


On this page I will post my monthly TBR if you don't know what that means it meams "To Be Read". I will try to keep the TBR between 4-7 books a month, but it might dwindle down a bit here and there. Anyways! My first TBR will be posted next month in August

P.S. you can comment below or E-mail me books you would like me to read! and I'll do my best to get to them :) 


On this page, I will be talking about a lot of different things. But it is all book related! whether it be about something I have been dying to read, or a guest post (That I have just learned about actually!) but yes! this page is for random, fun book related things! so enjoy reading.

About Me

Hello! My name is Alexis . . . and if you didn't know I am MAD FOR BOOKS. I spend most of my time reading, and when I'm not reading I'm on twitter or sleeping. Or working on my blog. 

Here on my blog, I will talk about Books. Everything book related! 

Just so you can get to know me better I'll put a list of things about me that I like or do! 

○ I eat chocolate 

○I love reading 

○ I love drawing, watching netflix, talking to my friends, talking with authors! and even cover artists :P 

○ I live in the US

○ I am REALLY REALLY weird. 

○ I had a hedgehog named betsy, who passed away on October 29th, 2015. and I have a rat named Penelope who likes to bite me . . . 

I love listening to music, especially Halsey. 

○ My two main best friends are Sabrina (travel buddy) and Jade <3! 

○ Michael Weekly is my Ninja buddy ;p 

○ I do my best to post every other day. 

○ I live with nine people. 

○ I'm the ONLY person in my house that enjoys reading YA. 

○ I don't get a long with my step-sister and step-cousin.

○ I hate sleeping when there is light in the room. (sadly I have to deal with that though *cries*) 

○ My books are my precious items that if someone touches them, they will most likely lose their hand . . . or worse, 

○ I love love love love love Fairy-tale re-tellings! I adore them! 

○ I will fangirl anywhere. 

○ I want to have a house full of cats/dogs and books. 

○ I want to live with my Travel buddy

○ I'm running out of ideas to put, but I want to put more . . . 

I am probably the most immature 16 year old there is . . . I still listen to High School Musical. 

○ My birthday is January 8th 

○ I am awkward and shy. 

○ I sing in the shower. sometimes.

○ I dance when no one is watching because I am shy, lol. 

○ I live on twitter. 

I LOVE READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy your stay, Luv
Bye for now <3


For my first book blog post, I thought, why not let it be of the cramathon? so here it is. . .
The Cramathon is being hosted by Whitneynovels on youtube, here.

The 2015 Cramathon is going from July 10th- July 13th, I have actually asked a friend to do this with me, you can visit her blog, here. We are reading the same books for the Cramathon, and it was a real challenge to pick the books that we BOTH can get our hands on! I'm just hoping I can finish at least a few of these. 

so here are the seven challenges: 

1) Read a children's book 
2) Read a hardcover book
3) Read Two Books In Twenty-Four Hours
4) Read A Graphic Novel
5) Read A Book Written In Verse
6) Read A Novella
7) Read A Total Of Five Books

The Books I have chosen for the Cramathon are: 

1) The Cat In The Hat By Dr. Suess
2) Waterfall By Lauren Kate
3) Orange By Benjamin
4) Crank By Ellen Hopkins 
5) The Moth In The Mirror By Anita Grace Howard

That is all for the Cramathon! Enjoy.