Secrets In Phoenix by Gabriela Lepore

Rating Score: 10/10

Summary- When Sophie Ballester and her twin brothers Sam and Todd are uprooted from their home and sent to a remote boarding school run by their Great Aunt Ness, they stumble upon a hidden room that holds a secret--a secret that will change everything.

The people of Phoenix Hold are not what they seem. 

In face, nothing is. 

I read this book because it was the first (?) book OfTomes publishing published, and well, I just had to get it. I do not have the physical copy, I have the digital version. But either way, the story was AMAZING! It was a quick read (for being on my phone. I take forever to read things digitally. But I read this in a couple days). If I had the physical copy, I would have been done with it in one day, it was like I said AMAZING! Just reading this, I want to read 'How I found you' by Gabriella Lepore. She just gained a fan *hugs*. 

(The character development and world building, perfect) 

Characters- I liked Jaxon from the beginning, he just had that . . . I don't know, awesome vibe. hahahaha XD. 
I loved his character and his "Secret". and I was happy how it ended . . . even though if you let me I'd punch what's his face . . . errrrmmmm, yeah you'll know when you read it. 
Sophie, I don't like reading books with names of people I know because then the whole time I picture them . . . so I normally give characters with the name Sophie/Sophia. So-So. I don't know why, I just do. But (so-so) was an amazing character. and to me she was a strong female character. And in the end, she was so much stronger than the beginning. I just---ughhhh-- I can't explain it. I just loved her role! And Sam!
Can I please have a sam? I'd say Todd, but Sam was the better twin . . . sorry Todd. I'm serious though, I want a Sam. Either as a brother or friend. I need a Sam Ballester. And he has to have a twin named Todd. Just saying. 
I have a thing for twins . . . (Sam & Todd Ballester -- Fred & George Weasley). 
Their Great Aunt Ness was pretty cool, kinda creepy, but eh we all have that one (or more) creepy/crazy relatives. 

setting- I loved Phoenix Holt, I was addicted on page one! Okay, really I actually really got into it when (so-so) met Jaxon . . . But it was so cool and awesome and before I found out SOMETHING I was like 'this is like Harry Potter' then I was like . . . oh, it's not like harry potter. I enjoyed EVERY single line in this book. 

I need the physical copy! ASAP! 

the plot- So I have been adding the plot and setting but I hate writing in the plot because I feel like I'm gonna spoil it all. So let's just attempt this without any spoilers . . . and GO!. 

I had a lot of 'whys' and hows' while reading this, along with a lot of other feels. I was so confused at first then I realized that someone was something. Then I got to the middle of the book and I wasn't really like why? or how? but whaaaa? yeah, just like that. but I am IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK! 
By the end, like I said above, Sophie Ballester was such a strong character. I loved the ending so much! At one point I was tempted to just throw my phone out a window because I was mad at it was ending, then I just kept reading and I was happy by the end. 

the last thing I want to say about this book, I loved the creature (I forgot it's name! What was it? Divellion! that's what the creature/monster's called. When (blank) happened to (blank) involving the Divellion I was sad, and then Sam has stupid ideas, I'm not kidding. Really stupid Ideas. 

This book Gets ten of ten because of the awesomeness obviously. The character development and world building was phenomenal. The cover is Gorgeous.
I recommend this novel to anyone who likes fantasy! you'll love love love love love it, I promise. 

Happy Reading, Luv's! 


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