Stepping Stones by Kacey Vanderkarr

Rating Score- 9.5/10

Summary- Onnaleigh Moore is part of a plan--and it isn't hers. When her brother dies in a car accident, Onna is desperate to preserve the tatters of her family. Any hope of finding normalcy vanishes when her mother runs off and her dad turns to booze to numb his pain. Onna's grief is crippling, but the boy who showed up just when she needed him most is helping her cope. . . more. 

I got this free from netgalley and at first I was thinking that "this is just a contemporary," and I wanted to read some more contemporaries so, I read it...turns out, it is NOT just contemporary. It is Contemporary/fantasy (ish) I wouldn't say Magic was being used . . . but then I would. You see how hard it is for me to write these? my mind is so scattered that I can't even make a review that makes sense! 

let's start over. This book is a Contemporary but also fantasy. There isn't any magic going on like wind powers or controlling fire, but there is some mind-reading going on. (I DID IT! AND I THINK IT MAKES SENSE!) I did love the characters in this, Hunter was my favorite because she reminded me of NAN from unenchanted <3 but in some ways not. (Spoiler in white, may be a spoiler to another book as well, Unenchanted and Stepping Stones) While Hunter did Cheat on her boyfriend Brody ...( WAIT THAT JUST CLICKED! OMG HUNTERS BOYFRIEND IS NAMED BRODY ... NAN's Boyfriend is Named Brody, annnnnd there was a Jared in here . . . same as in Unenchanted. . . . woah) any-who, While Hunter did cheat on her boyfriend Brody, Nan would probably NEVER cheat on her boyfriend "brody". That still just wow. Brody and Jared and Hunter reminds me of nan and and they both are dating a Brody. 

Onna- Onna was really good character but the ONLY thing that I didn't like about her was that she got upset at Everette so quickly, for NO reason! I understand that some things were confusing and weird . . . but come on. You don't have to get mad so quickly. 

Hunter- I pretty much described everything above . . . but she is quirky, and I like books that have best friends that are quirky and fun. And do crazy things, so really there's nothing bad to say about Hunter . . . besides one itsy bitsy teeny weeny little thing, but I can't tell you. 

Everette- So I thought he was completely normal, and just an average teenager . . . but I was sooooooooooo wrong. He is everything but AVERAGE. with the --- and the---- and then that part when he ---- (am I making you mad yet? with not finishing my sentences? no? good) But Everette was my favorite male character .  .  . and Onna's brother . . . that wasn't in here very long :/ 

The Setting- I honestly don't know where this takes place . . . I'm pretty sure it said it in the book, but I don't remember. BUT I do like it. The best place in this book was the garden place. Oops forgot the name. But that and Hunter's house . . . yeah, I want her house. 

The Plot- So I thought the plot was just coping with the loss of a family member, yatta yatta, but it's not . . . it's so cool, I don't want to spoil anything, but yes I loved it. I loved how the plot rolled out and I am hoping there is another book to this! 

All together, I really enjoyed this. I guess it isn't something I read often. But I would definitely pick up the second book if it comes out, considering the cover says "The Stone Series" SO! hopefully there are more to come, but until then, I will try to read some more of the wonderful Kacey Vanderkarr! 

if you want to see the Interview I did with Kacey VanderKarr click, here

Thank you for reading my review! I hope you enjoyed! 

notice how that became my new thing at the end of all my review and posts?  

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