Friday, November 20, 2015

January Authors + Interviews [info]

Hello luvs! 

I want to post this early so that I have time to prepare! 
So, you may be thinking, "What is going on? what is she doing?" 
I am going to tell you in a moment! 

as in now

For the month of January I will be doing Interviews with a whole bunch of AMAZING authors! 
My plan is to have 31 authors for each day of the month! and at the moment I have--8 wonderful, awesome, amazing, sweet authors that have agreed! (thank you to those authors if you are reading this!). I have NEVER used my e-mail this much XD. 
I hope this little event I am planning goes wonderfully and that it is fun for the authors and the readers! 

I never really planned any of this through. I was just sitting around and it came to my mind and then next thing I know I'm E-mailing authors about it! I hope my e-mails seemed 'somewhat' professional at least. I am horrible at impressions and well, have you met me? I'm weird. So if my e-mails or twitter chats were professional (even just a little) I'm proud I can pull it off! 

If by any chance an Author is reading this and you'd like to participate E-mail me at- 

p.s. this was all supposed to be a secret until very last minute . . . but I am too excited!

Thank you, Luvs 
and Happy Reading! <3
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