Friday, April 29, 2016

LL & A's monthly book tag!

Hello, Luvs 

It has been busy! 
I am switching my blog over to wordpress, so this post is one more thing I have to add.
I don't mind though, it isn't THAT complicated it just takes a bit to transfer :) 

anyways! Welcome, and I hope you like this theme. But first, the rules, or the non-rules because there aren't any rules . . . 
every month Sabrina and I have decided to come up with 10 questions. But each question will somehow relate to the theme of the tag. 
We welcome everyone to join, whether you are a book blogger, or just a reader on twitter or another site. 

If you do, do this tag all we ask is that you tag either of us via Sabrina's twitter 
or, mine. Or even the last option which is commenting below the link to wherever you may have posted this tag <3 

and now, for the THEME REVEAL! 


 my tag ♥

1- A book with water on the cover? 
A- Ugly love by Colleen Hoover (never read it but still) ;) 

2- a classic novel you'd like to curl up on the couch with? 
A- I am bad and haven't read many CLASSIC's but I'd go with either The Time Machine by H.G.Wells or Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Louis Carroll 

3- a scary book you would read during a rain storm? \
A- I'm bad and don't read scary books often . . . no at all. I want to! but I never just found one I had to read. So, I'd just say . . . Grimm's fairy tales. Those could be scary. 

4- a good book Rec for rainy days? 
A- I would definitely have to say Gabriel and the Swallows by Esther Dalseno! yep. Definitely. ;) 

5- two characters you'd like to spend a rainy day with? 
A- Vhalla Yarl (Air Awakens by Elise Kova), Alyssa Gardner (splintered by A.G.Howard) 
I think Vhalla and Alyssa would definitely get along! 

6- a book that has blue on the cover? 
A- Alive by Scott Sigler 

7- a book that has a rainy setting at some point? 
A- I know so many, but I can't remember!!!! 
I think . . . Secrets in Phoenix by Gabriella Lepore? 
I really think it was that one . . . am I wrong? 
WAIT! or was it Blackheath? 
Oh gosh. NO! It did rain in blackheath! HA! 
and maybe SiP I don't fully remember it's been a bit ;) 

8- a book you wouldn't mind using as an umbrella? 
A- This is hard because I love all my books, so as of right now none. Well, I could say twilight. I've never read it but I read the first chapter and couldn't finish. So, until I actually read it (if I do) then I choose Twilight. 

9- a character you'd like to share an umbrella with? 
A- Well, all. DUH. 
I actually have two. One nobody will know because it is my friends book, that I want her to GET PUBLISHED! and that is SILAS 
the second one that you would know (maybe) is Teague from Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn! <3 

10- a novel with a dry beginning but AMAZING ending? 
A- let's see . . . The Scorch Trials. It was so slow in the beginning! but the ending was really good! 

I hope you all enjoyed this, and comment your links below! I'd love to read what your answers are!!!! 


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