Sunday, April 10, 2016


are you ready for some random talk? 

If your not, I suggest you go get some popcorn or something because . . . 
it sounds really good. 


So now you may be asking, What is this something. And I am going to tell you. 

Right now. 
One person knows this something but I am telling the world so that maybe, it'll give me that feeling that I have to finish it. Or maybe I'll tell the world and then regret it twenty minutes later! 
Who knows! 

But, this something, the big reveal! 
is that I, Alexis KaeLynn Johnson, am writing a NEW book. 

This is so interesting Alexis, tell us more. 

so happy your all so interested ;) 
If you follow my twitter and actually read my non-sense tweets, then you MAY know that I have started writing A LOT of books in the past and never finish them because 
A) I get new ideas 
B) I end up hating it 
C) I completely forget about it and when I go to write it again . . . I forgot where I wanted things to go. 

Then I yell at myself for not taking notes. 

But anyways I have started writing a new book, I have no title yet because I'm barely two chapters in! But I got the idea while on vacation! 

(Yes Katie, it's the one I told you about on my way home *winks*) 

I also, don't have much of a synopsis because . . . well, I completely destroyed my original beginning and EVERYTHING is changing. But I kind of like what I did. 
But I also hate it. 

What is this book about Alexis? 

This book is about a girl who is troubled (I know, like a lot of other YA books) but no, this isn't an average YA book . . . I think. And I have no idea what I'll do with it afterwards, it's just for me to have. Until I decide to do something with it. If I do. 
But anyways, it is Contemporary. 
and is about a girl who runs away from home, and meets someone on the way (someone's I should say) and they help her. Even though she tries running away from them too. 
I don't want to say a lot about it because honestly I don't know much more than that myself. 
But, I am going to try to finish it in the next couple months. 
I will probably never share this book with anyone, I am self-conscious and believe there is something wrong with EVERYTHING I do. 

What is the Main Characters name? 

finally a question I like! 
Well, I normally do really weird names. Seriously, I actually named one of my characters 'fire' . . . yes. Fire. 
But my Main Characters name is 

Dannie short for Danielle. 

I decided with Dannie because . . . I liked that it was kind of her way of rebelling against her name . . . in a way. She doesn't like anything about her mom, reason why? her mother is a drug-addict. So in the first chapter, (spoiler) Dannie runs away XD. 
Then meets this guy, but he also is gone by chapter two. and at the moment that's really all I have written. I have a bit of what I want written down, and I know how I want it.
Knowing me though, by tonight all of what I planned will be different.

Really, none of this is big news. But I just wanted to put it out there that, I am writing a novel and it is going . . . good, for now. 

If you have questions about it, I'd gladly answer. I am kind of on a huge hype about it but really scared to talk about it! 



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