Friday, July 10, 2015

About Me

Hello! My name is Alexis . . . and if you didn't know I am MAD FOR BOOKS. I spend most of my time reading, and when I'm not reading I'm on twitter or sleeping. Or working on my blog. 

Here on my blog, I will talk about Books. Everything book related! 

Just so you can get to know me better I'll put a list of things about me that I like or do! 

○ I eat chocolate 

○I love reading 

○ I love drawing, watching netflix, talking to my friends, talking with authors! and even cover artists :P 

○ I live in the US

○ I am REALLY REALLY weird. 

○ I had a hedgehog named betsy, who passed away on October 29th, 2015. and I have a rat named Penelope who likes to bite me . . . 

I love listening to music, especially Halsey. 

○ My two main best friends are Sabrina (travel buddy) and Jade <3! 

○ Michael Weekly is my Ninja buddy ;p 

○ I do my best to post every other day. 

○ I live with nine people. 

○ I'm the ONLY person in my house that enjoys reading YA. 

○ I don't get a long with my step-sister and step-cousin.

○ I hate sleeping when there is light in the room. (sadly I have to deal with that though *cries*) 

○ My books are my precious items that if someone touches them, they will most likely lose their hand . . . or worse, 

○ I love love love love love Fairy-tale re-tellings! I adore them! 

○ I will fangirl anywhere. 

○ I want to have a house full of cats/dogs and books. 

○ I want to live with my Travel buddy

○ I'm running out of ideas to put, but I want to put more . . . 

I am probably the most immature 16 year old there is . . . I still listen to High School Musical. 

○ My birthday is January 8th 

○ I am awkward and shy. 

○ I sing in the shower. sometimes.

○ I dance when no one is watching because I am shy, lol. 

○ I live on twitter. 

I LOVE READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy your stay, Luv
Bye for now <3

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