Friday, July 10, 2015


For my first book blog post, I thought, why not let it be of the cramathon? so here it is. . .
The Cramathon is being hosted by Whitneynovels on youtube, here.

The 2015 Cramathon is going from July 10th- July 13th, I have actually asked a friend to do this with me, you can visit her blog, here. We are reading the same books for the Cramathon, and it was a real challenge to pick the books that we BOTH can get our hands on! I'm just hoping I can finish at least a few of these. 

so here are the seven challenges: 

1) Read a children's book 
2) Read a hardcover book
3) Read Two Books In Twenty-Four Hours
4) Read A Graphic Novel
5) Read A Book Written In Verse
6) Read A Novella
7) Read A Total Of Five Books

The Books I have chosen for the Cramathon are: 

1) The Cat In The Hat By Dr. Suess
2) Waterfall By Lauren Kate
3) Orange By Benjamin
4) Crank By Ellen Hopkins 
5) The Moth In The Mirror By Anita Grace Howard

That is all for the Cramathon! Enjoy.

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  1. I LOVE your book selection ;) Also great looking blog so far!! I love the background