Friday, July 17, 2015

LL & A's Monthly Book Tag

Hello! If you didn't know, this post is about Library Luv and mine's Book Tag. Each month we will have a Book Tag (Monthly Book Tag) and each month will be a different theme, like this month is the "Alice Wonderland" theme. 
I have asked the Author of the "Splintered" series (Anita Grace Howard) if she would ask a question for her fans to answer for the Tag! Her question is the bonus question, so feel free to do the tag and answer it! 
Anyone can do this Tag! if you do decide to do this tag, please either send your link of your post to us or tag us on twitter! LL's twitterMy Twitter
Enjoy! and have fun with the tag!

~My Tag~

-A book you fell madly in love with?
Unenchanted & Splintered (Sorry can't just have one) 
-What's the best Alice In Wonderland Character in your opinion? 
MORPHEUS! but if I have to choose from the originals. . . I'd choose. The Cheshire Cat! 
-Two characters from two different books you'd like to have tea with? 
Morpheus and Jared (Splintered & Unenchanted) 
-Favorite Alice In Wonderland Quote
We're All Mad Here!
-Favorite Alice In Wonderland spin-off book?
Splintered . . . DUH! 
-What are six impossible things you think or dream about before breakfast? 
*Being in the selection movie
*meeting Morpheus or Jared/Teague
*Being a fictional character
*Having powers
*going to storybrooke (Once Upon A Time)
*becoming rich so I can buy more books <3
-A book with talking animals
The iron Butterfly A.K.A faraway(Chanda Hahn) 
-A book that made you cry so much it could have made the pool of tears? 
To Be Honest . . . The Fault In Our Stars and The Iron Butterfly
-A character that you like that has the Red Queen's temper? 
-Take one item down the rabbit hole with you, what would it be? 
Splintered series box-set (Counts as one irem then, and it is literally my guide through wonderland!) 
Bonus Question From Anita Grace Howard Herself:
In Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there, what type of animal did the White Queen become in chapter 5? 
that is for you to answer *wink wink* 


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