Friday, August 7, 2015

LL & A's Monthly Book Tag! (August 2015)

A few people participated in our book tag last month! But here's another one! 
Just in case you don't know, Library Luv and I have started a monthly book tag, and last month the theme was Alice In Wonderland. There is really only one rule . . . you ready? HAVE FUN! 
You can do this tag on any site you want whether it be twitter, a blog, tumblr, etc. Be sure to (in the comments) post your link below! so we can put you in the blog for others to see! or tag either of us on twitter! @sweetypetitti or @splintered_luv
Anyone can do this tag, so have fun and enjoy! <3

My Tag- 
1- What's your favorite Fairytale?
My favorite fairytale would have to be little mermaid, I've always loved her. And come on, how could you now? 
2- What's your favorite fairytale re-telling? 
That's hard for me to say because there are so many! but I'll list a few here. Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn, Splintered by Anita Grace Howard, Dorothy Must Die by Danielle paige, and The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer! those are all very good novels. 
3- If you could be in any fairytale what would it be? 
The Little Mermaid. 
4- If you were in a fairytale what animal would you want at your side? 
Ever since I read 'The Iron Butterfly' series I have wanted a white horse, so I could name it Faraway, so I would want a white horse. 
5- Who is your favorite fairytale villain?
I really like Maleficent. She's awesome but in Once Upon A Time, I choose the Evil Queen AKA Regina Mills. 
6- What book do you love that has an ugly cover? 
I personally love all my books, and I think they all have lovely covers, but I do know one day I will cross paths with an ugly cover. 
7- What's the last book you bought only because the cover was pretty? 
Witchfall by Victoria Lamb. and turns out, its the second in the series. *facepalm* 
8- Which characters would you like seen together in a novel or fairytale? 
Thorne from the lunar chronicles series by Marissa Meyer and Alyssa from the splintered series by A. G. Howard. 
9- If you were in a fairytale what character from any book would you want to be your companion on your journey?
MORPHEUS from splintered (A. G. Howard) or TEAGUE from Unenchanted (Chanda Hahn) 
10- What's your LEAST favorite fairytale and why? 
Snow White. I don't know why, I just never really liked snow white...She ate an apple from an old woman without hesitation...after the dwarfs told her not too. I just don't get it, and isn't she like 14 in the movie? and she marries? I think she marries prince charming right? I haven't watched snow white and the seven dwarfs for so so so long. 

Well! there is my tag! Have fun and once again, enjoy! 

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