Monday, August 24, 2015

My Bookish Peeves

I don't like to think of these as 'pet peeves' they are more like my 'BOOK LAW' you break one . . . I'll put you in my book jail. Spend a night there, you won't EVER do it again ;P

so my first Book Law is -

  1. When you start a book you have to finish it. NO MATTER WHAT! (even if it's really boring and slow)
  2. Never EVER EVER EVER dog-ear my books. you go do whatever you want to yours but NEVER do it to mine. 
  3. Do not ask to borrow my book, because the answer is most likely going to be "No . . . MY PRECIOUS" *hisses while guarding my books* 
  4. Do not ever highlight or draw in my books, just no. 
    1. NO BENDING COVERS! I don't like it! I just dont! 
  5. treat my books as if they are my children. "My precious" *rubs face against books*
  6. If you do not like the book, then give it an honest review, do not give it five stars when you think it deserves less but don't want your friends knowing you didn't like the book (LUCKILY that hasn't happened yet, I've loved every book so far! <3) 
  7. No eating messy foods while holding/reading a book. 
  8. If I am reading do NOT come bother me, you see a book in my hands . . . it's a sign saying "Turn around! DO NOT DISTURB! READING!" (my mom still doesn't understand that . . . ) 

I have a feeling I'm missing a few but that's my BOOKISH PEEVES/ Book Laws. I hope you enjoyed this little post! and below or on my twitter comment to me telling me your Bookish Peeves. I'd love to hear them, Luv <3

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  1. Oh this is a lovely idea! I like the "book law" thing xD I have many of the same laws. Basically, IF i let you borrow a book, it damn well better come back to me in the same pristine condition it was when it left with you. Or there will be hell to pay. (haha i say hell xD in reality i'd just stare at you like you're a complete vagabond, take my book back, and assure you that "it's fine it's fine i'm not upset it's fine." ...and then never loan you another book ever again)

    Would you mind if I put something like this on my blog? I'd credit the idea to you :D :D :D