Thursday, December 3, 2015

December TBR [last TBR of 2015]

November went by so quickly! 
But this month I am so excited! for Christmas and my birthday a week after January 1st. 
And that special thing happening in January on my blog *winks*

TBR books include:

Image result for days of throbbing gristle

That is all! It isn't much but I overdid it last month and I believe that I didn't get that many books finished because I was to busy stressing over the six I planned to read. So this month I am keeping it at the minimal of four! I am half way done with ACOTAR and a little bit into Alice Takes back wonderland! so I am rather excited to read these books because they all seem amazing! 

Comment below what some of your books you want to read this month are! Love to hear what you have <3 

Happy Reading, Luvs 


  1. YOUR BIRTHDAY IS SOON /AND THERE'S A SPECIAL THING HAPPENING/ ??? :o what's the special thing? Omg I'm flopping excited alskdjf

    1. HAHA, it is soon! just four days? yeah.
      The 'special' thing is a whole bunch of interviews with authors! and there will also be a (blank) in the middle of the month hopefully if all goes as planned and i'm not swamped by school!

      But, one of the interviews have been posted it's with Esther Dalseno author of drown. :)

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