Monday, January 25, 2016

New Year, New Books, Author's Interviews #10

Hello, Luv's! 
Today is the 10th interview! 
I am so happy I've gotten this far without passing out of exhaustion but also so sad that it's almost over! 
After today's interview there are only 3 left!
I guess I'll just have to make another interview event sometime this year! maybe in a couple months? or maybe at the end of the year! I just hope you all have enjoyed the interviews!

Anyways! The author who I am interviewing today is,

Allison Whitmore

Thank you for letting me interview you, Allison! 
and if any of you want to follow her, or buy her novel " ", at the bottom will be links to her site, and twitter!

and before I bore you all to death with my giddiness, let's get to the interview! 


Question 1- What is your New Years resolution? 
Allison- I resolve to get my next book done, to get healthier, and to keep moving forward, so I can inspire (and entertain) others in a big way.

Question 2-Are you working on anything new for January?
Allison- Yes. I am starting the sequel to The Lost Heir. It’s called The Foxworthy Murders. My co-authors and I decided the entire series will be called, The Diadem Chronicles.

Question 3- What inspires you most when you write?
Allison- The characters inspire me…when they get going and a scene is just really fun, true to life, angsty or just plain hilarious.

Question 4- What was the hardest thing about writing you latest book?
Allison- The nature of my co-written work, as my latest book, The Lost Heir, was done with help of two other writers, requires me to do a lot of revising of not just my own words but theirs, too. We really wanted to keep a consistent voice for the audience. Since I am the primary author, it’s up to me to make sure that happens. It proved to be a challenge sometimes, attempting to keep their vision for a scene without just rewriting the entire thing or taking it in a direction I preferred. I did my best. They brought a lot of good visuals to the table and action sequences I may not have thought of. Overall, my goal beyond the voice was to keep the world intact and the plot logical. I think in the end it worked out, and it was great to have them on board. For this next book, I know what I am doing, so I think it will be a lot smoother, faster and more fun.  

Question 5- What's your favorite quote?

Allison- “Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die.” – I look at this quote differently today than I used to. It once meant to me have fun, go out and party. But today, it means much more. It tells me to live my dream and not hesitate. I always hope that others will find it in themselves to do the same.

Question 6- Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Allison- Still writing.                                                                

Question 7- Where are you from?

Allison- Los Angeles

Question 8- If you could work with ANY author this year, who would you want it to be?
Allison- My co-authors. We have work to do!

Question 9- What are a few books you want to read this year (2016) or What genre do you like to read most? 
(Author can choose either question--freebie)
Allison- I’d like to read the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard and then after that, let the books come as they will. I’m also looking forward to AG Howard’s new series based on The Phantom of the Opera. I’m not sure if it will be out in 2016 though. I need to keep better tabs.

Question 10- What’s ONE thing you’re really looking forward to?
Allison- The next episode of Arrow. Haha. Seriously, taking a month off to travel and having the means to do it right.


your last answer made me love you even more! 
So happy it's back on! 
And I loved the quote, I also love how you had to different perspectives of it. From before and after! 
I'd choose to party though . . . and by party I mean read books *wink wink*

Allison Whitmore's links will be attached below, so go follow her on twitter! 

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Hope you enjoyed this interview with the lovely Allison Whitmore! 
I had so much fun asking her questions! <3 


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