Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Year, New Books, Author Interviews #6

Hello, Luvs!

Now, it is not an author I will be interviewing today.
If you have seen my pinned tweet on twitter, (click here), then you know that today isn't an AUTHOR INTERVIEW but a BLOGGER interview! 
And there are Three in total, and are all separated throughout the month. I know each blogger personally and love them all! Their blogs, their twitters, them, and of course their responses to my questions!

And the blogger I am interviewing today is

Thank you SJ for agreeing to do this interview! 
So happy to have you here on my blog 


1- What is your new years resolution? 
SJ- Oh I have tons of new years resolutions! I made a list of the bookish ones on my blog here. My main personal resolution is to be more out spoken. to not coward away when I'm faced with an opposing opinion. 

2- What is your TBR for January? 
SJ- Okay so the TBR started with about five books. But it's expanded to nine. XD WHOOPS! Hopefully I can get to all of them. The main ones I want to read are- Truthwitch, Bone Gap, And I'll meet you there. 

3- What inspires you most when you write a blog post? 
SJ- Posts like reviews, weekly memes, and bookish tags are really easy. I don't need inspiration for them, just motivation to get them done with. But for discussion posts, ones I really have to think about, I get inspired by what I see on twitter or reading other blogs. Sometimes I see something that I want to address but I have too many words on the subject to just leave them in a comment. That gives me a whole post dedicated to my rantings and ravings! 

4- What was the HARDEST thin about writing your latest blog post?
SJ- As of right now, my latest post is a Top 10 Tuesday. The hardest part there was creating the graphics. I'm definitely not a natural at creating blog imagery. 

5-What's your favorite quote? 
SJ- I HAVE SO MANY! One I'm really fascinated with right now is "We are all someones monster" from Six of Crows. It's interesting to imagine, you know? I know so many sweet people, but somewhere out there they are a monster in another person's life story. It's cool to think about which character we'll end up being in a different Point of View. 

6-Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
SJ- Dang Flabbit I can't use that "20/20 vision" joke anymore! (But I did slip a Hanna Montana reference in there so all is well) I guess in 5 years I see myself just being happy- with the ones I love, reading, having a steady job. I don't really have high ambitions. I just want simple joy in my life. 

7- Where are you from? 
SJ- South Easy United States of America :) But I've always lived in more metropolitan cities so I don't have a thick southern accent. 

8- If you could interview ANY author this year, who would it be? 
SJ- LEIGH BARDUGO! But I'd freeze at the opportunity probably because I suck at conducting interviews. I'd be like, "Hey, Leigh I love you very much you're my hero and you're really cool and just friggin majestic as heck . . . I don't know what else to say to you now..." 

9- What genre do you like to read most?
SJ- I'm kind of all over the place. To put it into nice broad categories though, I flip flop from really being into Fantasy, and then really being into contemporaries. 

10- What's ONE thing your really looking forward to? 
SJ- I'm really looking forward to the day that I can own more books than Thomas Jefferson has. He had thousands of them and donated over six thousand to congress at one point. Me and ze boyfriend are pooling out books together, and so far we're at about 500! SLOWLY BUT SURELY WE'LL BEAT OL'JEFF! 


Good Luck with beating Jefferson! 
But 500 is already a lot! I have around 70 on my shelf XD 

anyways, if you want to know more about the amazing SJ click her links below 

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  1. I'M SO HAPPY TO SEE THIS ;aslkdjf;ljsd My collection to beat Jefferson has grown since I wrote these answers so huzzah for progress ^_^