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New Year, New Books, Author Interviews #3

Hello Luv's! 
this is the THIRD post for my little January surprises! I am super excited about this whole entire thing because, well I get to interview amazing authors! Also, I just want to put in here, sometime this month (it could be a week or maybe even two weeks) I will have a giveaway, sadly there are no books I will be giving away because I am broke! But, there are signed and non-signed bookmarks with something else ;) 
So Luvs, Just be watching for my giveaway on twitter! 

Back to the interviews details. If you'd like to see the first post, click here.
I hope you all enjoy these interviews and remember, the giveaway will be soon! <3 


Now, I present to you the author of (her debut novel) 
Air Awakens

Elise Kova

I was so happy she agreed! I wasn't really expecting her too, because January is probably a really busy time for authors! So when she said yes I was so happy! 
Thank you Lovely Elise for agreeing <3 *hugs*  

And the interview with the lovely Elise Kova beings . . . now! 

Question 1- What is your New Years resolution? 
Elise- I'm always scared to make a New Years resolution because I feel like I can never keep it! I think my big one this year is just to remain focused on putting out the best books I can for my readers and keep on my release every three months schedule (barring some kind of unforeseen major change in my writing process). 

Question 2- Are you working on anything new for January? 
Elise- In January, I'm working on finishing Air Awakens book 5 rewrites...and there's a lot. However, starting in February I plan to dive into the rough drafts of my next series. Can't say much more than that for now! 

Question 3- What inspires you most when you write? 
Elise- Music! I have music that fit most every major scene I've ever written and music was the inspiration for the whole Air Awakens series! I'm basically useless at writing if I don't have my headphones. 

Question 4- What was the hardest thing about writing you latest book? 
Elise- Well, for Earth's End, the next book coming out in the Air Awakens series, it was the ending. I completely changed it from what I had in my original drafts. The characters had evolved differently because of other changes along the way and it felt right. But it was challenging to make and be okay with that decision. It's never easy when you completely change the timeline you originally conceived for your story. 

Question 5- What's your favorite quote? 
Elise- I love Tolkien's: "Not all who wander are lost." I actually have a necklace with this quote on it. It reminds me that no matter where you are on the path of life, even if you feel like you have no direction and don't know what you're working toward, you're headed toward somewhere. You're never lost. 

Question 6- Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Elise- I don't even know how to answer this! If you'd asked me just six months ago if I saw myself as a full-time author I would've laughed it off as an impossibility. I have no idea what the future is going to hold for me and my writing. I guess all I can say is I hope to see myself still writing books that people enjoy. 

Question 7- Where are you from? 
Elise- I was born and raised in Melbourne, Florida. So I'm used to the warm, humid salt-air and sand between my toes! 

Question 8- If you could work with ANY author this year, who would you want it to be? 
Elise- I've recently had the privilege of getting to know Danielle L. Jensen (Author of the Malediction Trilogy) and I think it'd be amazing to work with her on something. She's such a talented and lovely person! 

Question 9- What are a few books you want to read this year (2016)? or What genre do you like to read most? 
(Authors can choose either question--freebie). 
Elise- Well, the obvious answer is High Fantasy/Romance because that's what I write! It's been my favorite genre forever. But, if I ruled that out (since it's the obvious choice) I'd have to pick mystery/thrillers in the sub-genres of historical and medical. You weren't expecting THAT answer, I bet! 

Question 10- What's ONE thing your really looking forward to? 
Elise- I think it's the months of July-September, 2016. The Air Awakens series will be ending in this time and I hope to be launching my next series during these months as well. It'll be busy, and I'm really, really excited to see what people think of the end of Air Awakens and crossing my fingers for the reception of my next work! 

That's all for the interview! I loved Elise's answers! especially her unpredictable genre choice <3 
I will be leaving Elise's info below! 

Also Luv's if you didn't know there is an Air Awakens fan group on goodreads where you talk about the chapters you read, what you think is gonna happen in the next book, and Elise Kova joins in sometimes (I personally haven't used it, but that is because my goodreads app never sends anything I post *cries* but you should because I read most of the conversations that go on and there are some really cool people in there!) 

there are still more interviews to come! so be watching! 

Happy Reading Luv's! 

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