Thursday, September 3, 2015

LL & A's monthly book tag (September)


Some of you may know about Air Awakens and Harry Potter, correct? Correct. Well this month our theme is about those two wonderful books! I have not read Air Awakens but I will by the end of this month, and in the mean time, me and Library Luv have decided to make this book tag! 

I hope you enjoy this fantasy themed book tag and have fun! 

If you do decide to do this tag, in the comments bellow or on twitter tag either me or Library Luv with your link attached so we can add it to this post for others to see! 

Here is it wizards and sorcerers or muggle ladies and muggle gentleman ;) 


My tag

1) What is your favorite book that includes Magic and Sorcerey?  
At the moment it will have to be Harry Potter, Red Queen, Unenchanted, The Iron Butterfly...and hopefully I love Air Awakens when I read it! (There's more but I didn't want to keep going...) 
2) What is your favorite Muggle Movie? 
Can I say Harry Potter? But also! The hunger games and divergent and the maze runner. And if The Selection ever gets made into a movie definitely that! 
3) What is your favorite Harry Potter book? 
I have only read the first two, but out of those two, I would have to say the first Harry Potter! 
4) If you could have any magic/Sorcery powers what would they be? 
I would want to be like a wizard . . . because they can do numerous amount of spells. <3
5) What is your favorite Fantasy book cover?
I Love the Iron butterfly series covers by Chanda Hahn, and I also really like the Air Awakens covers! (Can't wait to read air awakens)
6) What two characters (From any books) would you want to practice your spell casting with?
Morpheus! duh (From the Splintered series by Anita Grace Howard) and Teague (from the Unenchanted series) but! it has to be the Teague in book five, :) and the Morpheus from any of the splintered books. Those are the two most amazing characters (Jared too from unenchanted . . . but well you know, just read the book. You'll know then) 
7) Who is your favorite author that writes Magic/Sorcery books? 
Chanda Hahn! but honestly there are so many! and I'd name them all but I'd make a list of a lot. And I know I'll be adding Elise Kova to that list very very soon ;) 
(Wait! Would Anita Grace Howard work for this also? I think so, I'm putting her too! shhh *giggles*) 
8) Which Wizard/Sorcerer would you want to meet (Movie or book)? 
9) What magical world would you want to be apart of (movie or book)? 
*Wide eyed* Who made these questions? (Just kidding!, even though I think Library Luv made this one . . . <3) but seriously, I'd want to either live in Wonderland, at hogwarts, in the Fae world (Unenchanted) many more. But if I had to choose one, I'm choosing Wonderland. Then I can hang out with Alyssa and Morpheus! 
10) If you could be a Waterrunner, Firebearer, Groundbreaker, or Airwalker, which would you be?
(this reference is from Air Awakens) and I would choose I want all! *Serious* I will choose, *Sweats nervously* (Do you actually walk on air?) I am all over fire, I love fire, if you try to burn me with fire, I will scream, but fire is pretty and have you seen the Evil Queen? (once upon a time) 

Well Luvs, I hope you enjoyed Library Luv's and my book tag for the month of september! I hope that you join in and have some fun also. 

Here is the link to Library Luv's blog (Click her name *winks*), go find her tag and comment in either one of our posts with your link attached so we can add it to this post so others can see <3 

Bye, Luv


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