Monday, September 7, 2015

The One Lovely Blog Award!

Hello Luvs
My blog (Mad For Books, Luv) was nominated by the one and only @SJBouquet or A Tree Grows In Bookland  for the One Lovely Blog Award. How exciting! So, Thank you SJBouquet for nominating me :) *hugs* 

The Rules
  • Thank whoever nominated you
  • List rules and display award
  • Give seven facts
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them
  • display award logo and follow the blogger who nominated you

Okay! I have no idea what these seven facts are going to be, because I have no life and live on twitter, my blog, other blogs, and in lets see how this goes :P 

Fact 1- I own a hedgehog, and her name is betsy <3

Fact 2- I really love Owls and Moths...(Madling)

Fact 3- I have 0 friends I live by or near

Fact 4- my Twitter name @Sweetypetitti was made years ago, I just never mad a new one...

Fact 5- My favorite color is either Red or Green (Neon green) 

Fact 6- Before a few years ago, I loathed books. I wouldn't even look at times have changed. 

Fact 7- I've always loved writing little stories, but never actually finished any . . . 

(Im gonna add one little fact! I am in love with the band MISTERWIVES!!! SO SO SO GOOD!! I put their album on repeat and I've been listening to it for about...all 4 - 5 months <3) 

That is my seven facts...weird-O. I'll be putting the people I nominate below, Luvs


I am sorry! I do not know 15 book bloggers, considering I haven't been blogging for very long, but hopefully I will know a lot more than 15 in a few months, Luvs.


  1. HEDGEHOG BETSY!!! :o That is so stinking cute! She could be your bookish animal xD

    And I too live near NONE of my friends. Not my good friends. Everyone is in a different state or a couple dozen miles away, and I have no wheels. So much suck! :/

    Never heard of Misterwives! I'll have to check them out ^_^ What's your favorite song of theirs?

  2. She is! she's my lil' bookish hedgie haha. But it's really hard to read or do anything while holding her, she never just wants to sit still, it's always wanting to wonder around, and pooping...

    it kinda sucks not living by anyone! because they live soooooo far away!

    and my favorite song? the whole album!
    no, it's actually their main song, Reflections. :) i love that one <3 it's the one that got me addicted aha