Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger

You ready for "The Secret Life Of A Book Blogger" Tag? I spent awhile thinking about this, and finally got all my answers!
If you want to see SJBouquet's tag, click the picture below.  

There are 11 questions, and there will be 11 answers. . . Duh :P
1. How long have you been a blogger?
I always wanted a blog, and over the years I've had sooo many...but my only problem was "What do I make this blog about" and all of them failed in a week . . . but then one day I picked up a book, and then a few months later I was a booknerd and creating a blog. So for this blog, I've officially been blogging for 3 months. (it's a start!) 

2. At what point do you think you will stop? 
Hopefully never! I love blogging, and I've met so many amazing people doing so, like my travel buddy, SJBouquet, and some more. 
Hopefully, I never stop. But you never know :) 

3. What is the best thing? 
Best thing? about blogging? *scratches head* 
I mean, tons of things are the 'best thing' but I'd have to say being able to meet Weird-O's that read + blog like you *winky face, points at You-Know-Who* you know who I'm talking about, Weird-O. 

4. What is the worst thing? 
people who put you down for doing what you love! When you read books and they say "That genre's stupid. and you should read something that you learn from". YA does teach! it may not teach us about Biology or Math but it teaches us to be creative. A story can teach us to be different or that happy endings can happen and even if they don't you can still be happy! or how my plan is--One day, I will get my acceptance letter from Hogwarts and they will put me in Ravenclaw and II'll be the proudest Ravenclaw in Hogwarts!" 

I just hate it when people put me down for reading YA or Fiction in general...sorry about the lecture. 

5. How long does it take you to find/create pictures for your post? 
It depends, for my 'Monthly Wrap-up' and 'TBR' header photos it took me about 20 minutes to find + make + edit them each and for gifs and pictures I normally get them from google. But! I am planning to start taking pictures of the books that I am reading instead of using internet photos, so lets see how that goes, I'm hoping it only takes about five minutes. :) 

6. Who is your book crush? 
Pffffftttt, oh your serious?
Well them...I think everyone has a book crush for EVERY book you read, but I'll pick my top three (No specific order) 
~ Morpheus from splintered by Anita Grace Howard
~Jared/Teague from Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn
~Kael from The Iron Butterfly by Chanda Hahn

No judging!

7. What Author would you like to have on your blog? 
All of them! I can only choose one? can I make a list? 

Pierce Brown (Have not read RED RISING but plan to!) 
Chanda Hahn 
Anita Grace Howard
Danielle Paige
Kiera Cass 
Scott Sigler 
Amanda Sun
Cassie Clare 
Ally Condie 
James Dashner
John Green 
Suzanne Collins (Because I don't think she has a twitter! and it would be awesome to have her on my blog!) 
Sarah J. Maas 
Sabaa Tahir 
Victoria Aveyard 
Veronica Roth

It'd be between all of them! plus more >:) 

8. What do you wear when you write a blog post? 
Whatever I have on. Pants and a shirt, pajamas, a dress. 
Whatever's on is on.

9. How long does it take you to prepare/write?
normally, I wing it. But when I do my book-tag with @Splintered_Luv it normalyl takes a few hours to think about and then I think of what I'm going to say for a little bit then I write it. So that takes about a day at most for me. With my reviews I sit down and write as soon as I can, and that normally takes me 1-5 business days. 
No, but seriously it does take me about 1 day to a week to get a review done :) 

10. How do you feel about the book/ blogger community/ culture? 
I think it is great for meeting amazing people and being able to put your own thoughts out for other booknerds to see/ reply. you make a lot of  amazing friends this way and can meet tons of people like you. <3 

11. What do you think one should do to get a successful blog? 
One should be thyself. Kinda took your answer SJBouquet *Sends love* 
Talk about what you want (I am working on getting a 'successful' blog) and so far I've learned, you need to get out there! you cannot make a post and expect people to just flock to it. It just doesn't happen! and also customize your blog until it's perfect in YOUR eyes. If you don't like a certain layout, change it until you do like it! 
I hope that is good, I am not a PRO so, SJ's answer is probably better. <3 

Since SJBouquet didn't tag anyone, I am not either! 
If you want to do this tag just do it! And tag @SJBouquet on twitter! or her blog. :) 

A tree grows in bookland 
Hope you enjoyed the tag! 
Have a nice day/evening/night, Luv 


  1. Oh my God my name's all over this! xD *hardcore blush*

    I'm seriously not a pro at blogging haha! I like "make it perfect to YOUR eyes". That is so important. I commented on another post about my struggle with blog envy. The whole purpose of blogging is for me to talk about my books, not blow people away with my mad graphic game. Worrying about blog layout and design is a huge stress in my life, when it really shouldn't be. That's just something I have to work on.

    Great post! I love that "what's on is on" phrase xD I read it in a ...idk, Jersey accent? I read it as "what's awn is awn, boi!" haha cracked myself up.

  2. Haha! I'm not jersey, but you can totally say it like that.