Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monthly Wrap-Up 9-30-2015

Hello, Luvs
I'd say I got more books this month than last month, but it'd be a lie. I got the same amount. Six.

Let's see these Six beauties! 

The Books I have purchased or received in the month of September are (in alphabetical order by title): 

Actually, Library Luv got me wanting to read this! and at the moment (9-28-2015) I am reading it but by tonight I think I'll be done! Hopefully. The cover is gorgeous and I'm still fan-girling that I got the ARC of it. AA is my first ARC and Signed book. <3 so thanks Elise if your seeing this! *Hugs* (Received from Elise Kova <3) 

I read Throne Of Glass in July? I think, I'm not positive. But I finally got book two. And I'm super pumped to read this because I was in LOVE with the first! *swoon* and I am TEAM CHAOL! <3 (Purchased on Amazon) 

~Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (#7) by J.K.Rowling
I've only read 1 and 2 but I want to read them all I already love this series, even though I know a lot of the deaths . . . stupid twitter and buzzfeed. But I will read these and most likely cry for Dobby's death still (Highlight the 'highlighted' section to see the name of the dead, if you already read all the books). (Purchased at Half Price Books) 

Pretty much the same as above. .  . <3 (Purchased at Half price books)

~Red Rising by Pierce Brown 
Okay, so this book has been on my TBR list to buy for quite some time now. I finally own it and extremely excited to read this novel! EEEEP. (Purchased on Amazon)

I have been wanting for a while before I started this blog and I finally own it and very happy. I can't wait to read it and hope it as good as I am wanting it to be, because I have heard so many good things about this book and the author Jenny Han and I really don't want to hate this book because the cover is also GORGEOUS. I love the decorations of the wall behind her. Just sayin. (ROOM GOALS). (Purchased at Half price books) 

Those are the books I have received or bought this month! Continue to see the books I read this month. 

That Includes : 

~Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge

~Ink by Amanda Sun

~Rook by Sharon Cameron

~Air Awakens by Elise Kova 

That is everything I have read and/or purchased of the month of September . . . be looking for the TBR post, I am going to try to make it as Halloween-y as possible! 

Happy Reading, Luvs

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