Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Guest Post by Cody Duffy

Hey Everyone!

I'm Cody and I'm a YA book blogger over at Literary-ly Obsessed.

Today I'm doing a guest post for Alexis so I'll be sharing a little about me and my blog and hopefully give y'all some advice that I've picked up along the way about blogging.

About Me

As I've said I'm a book blogger, I'm usually writing reviews, ranting about my favourite books and obviously obsessing over my collection of book boyfriends. Here are a few ways you can fine me:

I'm a ridiculously chatty person and easy to talk to, so feel free to say Hi!

 The Throne of Glass series is my all time favourite series, I completely obsessed with everything Sarah J. Maas but these books are absolutely amazing and a must-have for fantasy lovers.

These have been some of my old and new favourites reads, they all take top spots on my bookshelves, I highly recommend any/all of these so definitely check them out!

As I'm now coming out of the newbie blogger category, I thought it was best to hopefully give some helpful advice about book blogging and how to make the most of it and to obviously enjoy it too.

Be yourself.

First off, blogging can be stressful! In the beginning when you're coming up with your blog name and trying to come up with concepts for blog posts, reviews and finding the time to read, you can easily become stressed and start to worry. So on top of all these worries the last thing you want to be doing is writing your posts to cater for someone else's tastes or what you think will get you the most views. Don't do this, this is your blog, post what you like and when you like!
It's your blog after all, so be yourself and have fun.

Be honest.

Reading and reviewing books won't always be a walk in the park, you're bound to come across a book that you don't like. Now this could be a book that everyone likes... who cares? The book didn't appeal to you and there's nothing you can do about that, definitely don't try to convince yourself the book was better than it was, sometimes you don't hit it off with popular books and that's okay- it happens to us all! Now I completely understand not wanting to 'trash' the book incase you fear of receiving bad feedback but you can always and say 'I wasn't able to connect with the book or characters', 'this just wasn't for me' and maybe mention a few things you did like about the book; if there were any or a few reasons why you didn't like it. 

Read what you like.

You do not need to read and review every up and coming book release to have a great blog. This is the same for genres, never feel like you have to purchase certain books to have a wonderful blog. I find myself discovering old YA books and thinking how did I ever live without them? Sometimes this is the best thing ever because then I have a whole series to purchase all in one go and can avoid the year old wait. 


Read - obviously! When when you can, in between school lessons, on your dinner breaks, before bed. It's almost impossible to schedule some quality reading time as life just gets in the way, so whenever you have a spare minute, have your book handy and read a few pages.


Scheduling your blog posts can be a life saver. It's best to get a head of your posts incase there are days when you're unable to read or don't have the time to fully review a book. Scheduling will definitely help in the long run with reviews and discussion topics.

Need help? Ask!

The book blogging community are extremely helpful and so nice and friendly. I've found some of my close friends through blogging as you have the best common interest - books! So if you ever find yourself stuck or would like to ask some question, then always ask.

Social Media.

Get yourself a social media account such as Twitter/Goodreads/Facebook. These will help you so much when it comes to 'selling your blog' and getting some followers. These will also help you keep up to date with bookish news that you can write about on your blog if you like. Also you get to speak to like minded people and gain friends, which is always a plus!

Have fun!

Lastly have fun. That's all, just enjoy reading and reviewing and connecting with fellow readers. As long as you enjoy blogging then you can do no wrong.

Thanks so much to Alexis for allowing me to do this guest post.
If you would like to view here's then head over to my blog!

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