Sunday, October 18, 2015

Which Affinity are you?

Okay, so over at the goodreads Air Awakens fan group they/we are figuring out what affinity we are! here's the link . . . click this!!!

I honestly don't know what to write here so I am just winging it and hoping for the best! if you know, Air Awakens has recently been out! and it is an AMAZING story! (*whispers* you should read it). There are FOUR affinities, 
and I myself have dubbed myself as Windwalker, and I even to the quiz, click here, and I got windwalker! yay! 

Now, let's get to the rest! 

I have not read Fire Falling yet, but it will be out soon! and I can't wait...but I chose Wind Walker because, Vhalla Yarl is awesome and I want to be her...too weird? naw? okay. 
Also, I took the quiz -- linked above -- and got Windwalker. But another reason I chose Windwalker is because it'd be really cool to control wind and stuff. But I would also like to be a FireBearer . . . 

what would you do for the day if you your magical ability?

What wouldn't I do? I would attempt flying . . . because if you control wind you can make it push you upwards. BOOM, instant flying. but Flying would be the first thing I'd try to do! I have never been on a plane, so flying would be my biggest step up from a car . . . or a train. I'm imagining this like how peter pan flew 

I would 'attempt' flying, I would want to make it really windy also, and make a huge storm! But no lighting I'd be terrified of getting electricuted. . . but If I control wind, I could avoid them but using the wind to push it, am I making sense or is this just me babbling in my 'no-one-understands-me-language'? but I would do that. 
But flying around seems like it'd get old quickly because I'd be lonely. So, I would go somewhere. Where will I go you ask? I will go to all my favorite authors houses . . . what do you mean that's creepy?--I already have this scheduled, I'm sorry. XD 
But I would love to visit Authors with my windwalking ability. Elise first! aha. I would then visit a country I've never been too, Canada, etc etc. 
I've been thinking about this, and now that I am typing my mind is blank and nothing wants to come to me, so for now this is all! I wouldn't be trusted with magical abilities. I'd probably become evil or something . . . or something XD 

BUT! Let's end it with, me going to all my internet friends and bringing them all to a HUGE hotel and we can all meet, because I've never met any of my Internet besties and who wouldn't? Hopefully they still like me when I become--or something. 

I hope you like my blob of a mess above! and go join the AA fan group on goodreads to join this! click the link to the quiz to find out your affinity, and lastly, go buy Air Awakens if you don't already have it! 

Say hi to Elise for me too *Waves* 

The Affinities

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