Wednesday, October 14, 2015

LL & A's Monthly Book Tag (OCTOBER)

Hey, Luvs
Got another Monthly Book Tag for you! 
created by: Library Luv and I 

Library Luv and I came up with this Idea back in June or July and it stuck with us, every month there is a new theme, and a new set of questions. The Questions will relate to the them, and the theme most likely will relate to a specific book, a genre, or a bunch of books. :D 
To view the original tag click, here. 

The Rules are simple, just have fun! and also be sure to tag either Library Luv or me on twitter or comment below the link so we can add you to the participants list! 
Enjoy and have fun! <3

Can you guess what Octobers theme is? 


My Tag

1- What's one scary movie you would want to watch with a character from any book, also which character would it be?
I choose 'The Nightmare on Elm Street' I remember watching it when I was younger . . . terrifiied me. But I would want to watch it with Jenara from Splintered by A.G.Howard. she seems to be a perfect person to watch scary movies with/ 

2- If any book could have its own Halloween treat flavor, what would it be and which book would you choose? 
For Air Awakens I would probably say, caramel. like those caramel popcorn balls. 

3- which book setting would you choose as a theme for a halloween party?
In Unhinged there is the dance at the school . . . that one. That would be my halloween party theme.

4- What any two book characters would you want to attend a Halloween party with? 
Vhalla from Air Awakens and The Little Mermaid from Drown.

5- What's your favorite Halloween movie? 
does Monsters Inc. count? 

6- Your favorite Halloween candy/snack to eat while reading? 
Blue Raspberry ring pops. or suckers. 

7- If you could go all out for Halloween what character/creature from any book would you want to be? 
I would want to be a siren/mermaid . . . but the tail has to look real. I'm weird. 

8- What do you think your favorite character would dress up as on Halloween? 
I have tons of favorite characters but lets go with . . . harry Potter, I think he would dress up as a muggle! Just Kidding. I think he would dress up as Dumbledore.  or at least should. 

9- Three books you want to read for Halloween?
my step sister owns this series so I'll say, Asylum by Madeleine Roux 
then harry potter and then . . . 
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs.

10- What's your favorite Horror novel?
I don't read horror often . . . so I'm going to go with the first Goosebumps.
No judging!

I hope you have fun with this! Anyone can do it! 
if you do it remember to link back to Library Luv or me so we can link you below! 


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