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Hello Luvs! 
today I am doing something I've been wanting to do for a while now, and that is a Discussion post, as you can tell from the title above . . . 

And just a little warning before I start this rant/discussion thing, these are just my opinions. So you can have your own thoughts and if they are completely different than mine, that's awesome! 
But, don't hate me for my thoughts on everything <3 
also, I'd LOVE to see what you all have to say about this, so in the comments below tell me your thoughts or! you can even do a discussion post about it on your blog and tag me on twitter so I can read it!

Anyways, the topic today is INDIE AUTHORs. I've been wanting to post about this for a while . . . 
and I'm finally doing it! 

Okay, let's dive in! 

First off, I think that Indie Author's are truly underestimated. Some people (no one particular) don't like indie authors because, well, they aren't officially published authors. They are either author's who COULDN'T get a book deal or author's who just wanted control themselves (plus the countless other reasons but I don't know them all).  
To me, If Indie authors come to me asking me to read their book. I would check out their synopsis on goodreads and ask my friend and have her tell them no if I don't want to. Because I am the biggest sucker and would probably say yes to the worst sounding book in the world *looks at the non-fiction section*
*shudders* I hate non-fiction. 

I think all Indie authors should be given a chance, and that some people shouldn't hate on Self-publishing authors as much as they do. But it's really their opinion, and maybe they did give them a chance once but they got one of the 'not so great' books. 

You know what Indie author's are? background characters in a book. A few people notice them, but most just focus on the main characters (AKA, big named authors). 
I know of a few Self Published authors who are amazing people and am currently reading a book of one. Self pub authors are pretty cool, and even though you MAY end up reading one of the bad self pub'd books, they all aren't perfect. But neither are the ones that do get published, not everyone is going to like a certain book. 
But, hey, 

Here's a tip about something I experienced a little while back, 
If an author emails you and says something along the lines of reviewing their book, if it's the first time. You're gonna flip. If your like me, you'd be so excited. 
but before you go replying with "OMG YES! I'll read it!" or however you'll reply, look at the friggin' Synopsis! 
I made that mistake my first first time, I was just so excited I didn't even look to see what the novel was about until AFTER I read it . . . you'll regret it.
Sadly, I didn't enjoy the book. I'm not going to name the book or author, but a couple people I know should know what book I'm talking about.
But now, I actually have a friend who I am gonna make say no if I don't want to read their book. Because I can't say no to people, it's really weird but I have a problem saying no. I will if it's something bad but generally, I am a sucker. 

 Some indie authors, I will say, have bad attitudes. Some are rude or don't interact with fans or just think they are better than everyone. Luckily I haven't met any rude authors. I mean, there are a few I could name that I won't but still you get my point ;) 

Next thing, tons of readers put indie authors down for having bad grammar errors, I am totally the opposite because I understand that NO ONE can write perfectly. You find me that person so I can give them a sticker. 
All authors (even published authors) make grammar mistakes. THE BEST OF THE BEST MAKE MISTAKES, it's only human people! 
so, if you read a book and it says "Hello, Bob, how ar you?" 
I won't be like, "oh! hate the book! look that word is wrong so I automatically hate this book" I couldn't do it. Because it's seriously the smallest thing to be upset about. I'd understand if it was the whole book where every single word is wrong, but seriously normally it is just a few words. I mean, come on people, you write a book and then have it not HAVE ONE grammar error.
Most of my posts on here have errors, and I'm to lazy to fix them, but they do! this post probably has some type of spelling error! 

I also understand that some indie/self published author's aren't as PROFESSIONAL. But there are also a lot of Indies that are really professional and super kind. 

There are so many things I could say about indie authors, 
but I am going to end it here before I start talking about book boyfriends . . . 

So, in the comments I want to know your thoughts! 
please comment on what you think, and what should my next discussion be about? 
new releases? how to's on blogging? certain genres? 

hope you enjoyed this! 

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