Wednesday, March 16, 2016

OTP Book Tag

I was tagged by SJ over at A Tree Grows In Bookland
I have been trying to get to these tags for a while so I have two more after this one! 
And I am happy to do this one, because I have so many OTP's 
Like, Me and Silas. (Katie won't write me as the girl he falls in love with . . . so I just have to keep it OTP. Katie, I won't stop) 

Anyways, to the wonderful tag! Thank you for tagging me SJ! <3 

1- pick an unpopular OTP that you ship. 
An unpopular OTP that I ship? well, this is actually really hard, because I have to choose WHO and WHAT book . . . OKAY I GOT IT! 
In the novel, Cinder by Marissa Meyer, everyone obviously wants Cinder and Prince Kai together. 
But I, want Cinder and Thorne together. 

2- Pick an OTP that you didn't ship at first but now you do. 
Malec (Alex + Magnus). I didn't ship them at first (I am talking about the show shadowhunters) but they are starting to grow on me . . .  

3- pick your most hated OTP 
That would have to be . . . 
Okay, I got this. I have never liked Jeb, not since the beginning of the series (Splintered by A. G. Howard). So, Alyssa and Jeb. I'm a Morpheus shipper. 
Not Jeb. 

4- Pick an OTP that took WAY too long to get together
Mina and Jared/Teague. Seriously, took years, and maybe not 'years' but a long time. But it was all kind of worth it . . . even though I need more. I need to know what happens next. 
Mina has been my favorite character through three years now? she is awkward and is like how I picture myself in her situation . . . kind of. I would most likely have died in book one . . . 

5- Pick your favorite Non-Canon OTP 
wow, I actually had to look this one up. P.S. Canon means fan fic--right? 
if non-canon favorite OTP is, 
to many. 
<3 cause, come on. 

6- pick your favorite BROTP
Wow, the easiest question turns into the hardest. I'm trying to think of a book with two good guy friendships . . . my mind is blanking! 
well, this is another 'The Mortal Instruments' reference but my answer is Alec and Jace. 
Besides Alec being in love with Jace and all, they are a great team. 

7- Pick an OTP you adored in the books but not as much in the movie or TV adaptation. 
I think . . . The Hunger Games. I really LOVED Peeta and he just doesn't seem as Peeta-y in the movies. But he still wins over Gale. 
I will NEVER be a Gale and Katniss kind of girl. Peeta wins. 

8- Pick a popular OTP that no matter how hard you tried you just can't ship it. 
seriously, hardest question. I don't think I have one at the moment . . . If I thought about it long enough I could probably think of something.
But right now I GOT NOTHING. 

9- Pick your Favourite LGBT+ OTP 
Now that I think of it, not many books I've read are LGBT . . . but I know Carry on is and I've been really wanting to read that . . . 
but since I haven't read it I'll just go with the only one I know of. 

10- pick your all time favorite OTP 
It will definitely be, my go to couple, Mina Grimm and Jared--I mean Teague. 
Little Meague babies. Still need to do some re-reading of Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn. 


Thank you SJ for tagging me! 
(also Em! I<3) 
I've had so much fun and I'm tagging only two people. 

Sabrina @ Beyond the Book Reviews

Jade Crow @ metamorphicbooks


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