Thursday, March 31, 2016

Guest Post by Sabrina

Thank you Sabrina for doing a guest post here on my blog! 
I hope you enjoy this everyone! 

Now, introducing, Sabrina from OMG Books and More Books! 

Hey guys! I am guest posting for Alexis today. 

My name is Sabrina (Sab) and I want to be 3 things in life; programmer, blogger, and writer. So far I'm getting my degree in Computer Science, programmer done. Second I have this blog, blogger done. My final accomplishment that I have yet to complete is writer, writer not done. It's a tug of war to write but it's a slow process that I'm enjoying.

Some other interesting things about is that I love reading while listening to music. I just feel the story a lot more when I listen to music. When I listen to a particular album it will remind me of a book. For example, I was reading the Splintered Series while listening to Blurry Face by Twenty One Pilots in March and surprisingly I found some similarities in themes between the two. 

Now I will talk about my favorite series (the important part) and hopefully persuade you guys to check out these series. 

1) Vampire Academy Series by Richelle Mead


Rose Hathaway is a kickass heroine that we all need to admire. Dimitri Belkov is soooo swoon worthy. The story and morals of this series is wicked. The character and plotting development from Vaampire Academy through Last Sacrifice is freaking astonishing. Each character grows and learns from mistakes and are human. I say that they are human because they understand their mistakes, Rose definitely does. This series is absolutely a wild ride. This will be the first series I plan to reread. 

2) Under the Never Sky Series by Veronica Rossi

This series is the definition of star crossed lovers. Aria and Perry came from two completely different worlds. Aria is cast out of her world and must fight for her survival in the unpredictable world that Perry calls home. She goes from a frail girl to a warrior queen. This whole series is about struggle and survival, not much about romance but the romance is important. It also has one of the most satisfying endings that I constantly wonder what Aria and Perry would be doing now. 

3) Splintered Series by AG Howard

I love anything Alice and Wonderland related. The Splintered Series is my favorite Wonderland retelling ever. There are so many Wonderland elements that are true to the Splintered Series and this still makes me so happy. This is the only series that has made me honestly cry just even thinking about that ending. When I first read that ending I cried for sooo long. But if you want a beautiful and elegant retelling of Wonderland, this is your series. I must mention that Morpheus is a wonderful aspect of this novel. ;) 

4) Blood of Eden Series by Julie Kagawa

This book really made me think. It made me think what it means to be human, what it means to be alive. I really loved how the writing was dangerous in the since that there was non stop action. It's a thrill ride from the beginning to the end. Allie's journey from human to vampire was eye opening. She is a warrior with a sword who will defend everything she believes in. Also the cliff hangers will leave you questioning everything.

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